Simplifying things with the Mudita Pure Phone

Being as we?re a tech news and reviews site – and you?re reading it – it?s safe to say that we?re all fans of mobile phones in some capacity. Once upon a time, they were utilitarian, but now they can be so many things – our camera, our jukebox, and our game system, just to name a few. But with all of that usefulness can come distractions. ?Oh, I?ll just check my mail? and next thing you know, you went down some social media rabbit hole. But we need to remain connected to our loved ones, our friends, our co-workers. So, what?s the solution? Well, the new Mudita Pure Phone may just be the answer.

The Mudita Pure Phone relies on an eInk display, rather than a bright-and-vibrant (and battery-sucking) display. This is not the first time eInk has shown up on the phone, but this looks to be one of the most well thought-out ones. One the surface of it, the phone looks like your standard candy bar phone of the pre smart-phone area, but it?s hiding a lot of functionality under the covers. Along with being able to make (and receive) calls and texts, it has:

  • Global GSM coverage (no region locks here)
  • a music player (the phone has a speaker at it?s base)
  • Bluetooth (handy for calls and that music player
  • Notes and calendar apps
  • Alarm clock functionality
  • Ultralow SAR (for those concerned about phone RF)
  • a long lasting battery (5 days of normal use, or 14 days in standby mode)
  • an extra sim slot
    • This means you can swap cards, and keep the second one securely tucked away in the phone
  • a meditation timer

To enable all of these, the Mudita Pure Phone relies on a custom OS, which then has their custom (and intuitive-looking) UI running on top of it. This, along with that eInk screen, is what allows those amazing battery life times. Well, that, and the lack of power-hungry apps you?re constantly checking. The OS tweaks also means the phone starts up fast – in just 5 seconds. So, if you truly want to disconnect, shut the phone off, and then it?ll be back up and ready for you very quickly.

It should also be noted that, by design, there is no web browser functionality on the Mudita Pure Phone. They?re not anti-internet, though – the phone can behave as a cellular modem so your laptop can keep connected (and let you look thing up). Oh, and speaking of connectivity, there?s a physical slider on the phone that allows you to choose how the phone behaves – fully connected, do not disturb (only downloads texts now and again), or offline.

I find the Mudita Pure Phone an interesting option for those who might want a phone that simply a way to stay connected with family and friends, and don?t want (or need) all of the extra stuff that can come with a more powerful smartphone. The campaign for the phone is running right now, and stands at 187% funded with 27 days to go (it closes down on October 24, 2019). If you want to jump in on the campaign, the earlybird pricing starts in at $258, with delivery anticipated to start in April or May of 2020. campaign page or

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