Inexplicably, West Elm Creates a Roblox Experience

Global furniture and housewares designer West Elm has just released their “West Elm Home Design” virtual experience, allowing users of Roblox — an online game platform hailing over 52 million daily users — to virtually experience an almost photorealistic representation of everyday west elm products and design-forward houses.

Players can earn virtual currency by playing the experience, allowing them to purchase furniture and other virtual merchandise to spruce up their Roblox home.

West Elm Home Design also gives players the opportunity to participate in design challenges, mini games, and obstacle courses, as well as the ability to hangout and take selfies within the virtual experience.

As companies struggle to get ahead of others in the metaverse game, Roblox seems to be a strong competitor, grasping a larger share of the youth market than its adversaries. However, whether these “Virtual Experiences” will get the amount of traction that companies are seeking remains to be seen.

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