MakerBot’s new METHODX 3D prints production-grade ABS

MakerBot’s been making 3D printers for almost ten years. Those were mostly PLA and ABS filament, but this? This is something special. The METHOD X printer is where 3D printing finally delivers on the promise of making production-grade parts.

Why would you want production-grade ABS? Why would you need a METHOD X 3D Printer? Well, you can print things that are dimensionally accurate, basically a match for an injection-molded part.

That makes validating a part much easier before going into production. It also means that a part is going to be more durable. If you print tooling, or jigs and fixtures, it’s going to be reliable for actual use.

MakerBot says that their ABS for METHOD is capable of withstanding 15?C higher temperatures, is 26% more rigid, and 12% stronger than modified desktop 3D printer ABS material formulations. That’s going to come in handy when you’re printing things that have to actually hold up under use, not just look the part.

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