CASETiFY announces the first accessories for Apple Vision Pro

Accessory makers have to act fast and CASETiFY, the makers of phone and device cases is quicker than most. The company just announced the Bounce Vision, “the world’s first customizable accessory lineup for Apple Vision Pro.”

These accessories include headbands, protective cases, and neck straps. The products will be available in early 2024.

“Our mission is to empower self-expression, and Bounce Vision is here to do just that,” said Wes Ng, CEO CASETiFY. “At CASETiFY, we believe in the power of creativity and individuality, especially when it comes to product design. Our platform provides users with the opportunity to fully customize their tech gadget accessories, allowing them to stand out effortlessly, this time with Apple Vision Pro. With plenty of customization options at their fingertips, customers can create accessories that authentically reflect their personality and style when rocking their latest gadget from Apple.”

As you would expect the lineup is pretty speculative but when building accessories for popular devices manufacturers need loads of lead time and often have to work on estimated sizes. I distinctly remember one Apple Watch charger maker having to estimate the size of the charger from photos and they took a flyer on manufacturing the first charge cases without actually having a unit on hand.

That said, it looks like CASETiFY has the right idea when it comes to turning the staid old Vision Pro into something a bit more candy-colored.

John Biggs

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