Goodbye, Dash buttons

Amazon is pulling the plug on its odd little Dash buttons – those buttons you could press to automatically order toilet paper or milk or whatever. Why? Because the tech is now obsolete.

As CNET notes, Dash and Dash-like buttons are already built into many devices including washers and printers. Further, devices in the home can re-order TP or washing detergent for you with your voice, thereby reducing the need for a physical button.

Amazon will stop selling them now and will shut down the service at the end of August.

Launched in 2015, the buttons had a good run. Many will miss them.

“I haven?t fully decided what to do with my Dash buttons,” Tom Warren of the Verge wrote. “I might just rip them off my wall and cupboards and recycle them like everyone else. I just wish they weren?t going away, because I?m going to miss the convenience and satisfaction of having a real button to push every week.”

John Biggs

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