LIVSN Century Jacket: Now Funding

LIVSN is a brand we’ve followed for awhile now (and you might recall our review of their pants). They’re all about well-built clothing that’s ready to face the day, no matter what you’re doing. For their latest, they’ve gone and set a super-high bar for themselves. Meet the LIVSN Century Jacket.

As you might guess from the name, the LIVSN Century Jacket is intended to last for 100 years. This is going to come down to construction and materials, and of course their handy “we’ll repair our stuff for life” program that they’ve started up recently as well. For the materials, they’ve got a very interesting mix here:

  • Organic ventile cotton that won’t have you overheating, but will keep you warm and dry if you get caught in the rain
  • Ethically-sourced wool for insulation
  • Twill-weave silk lining for a smooth feel – as well as an excellent vintage look

In terms of the silhouette, the LIVSN Century Jacket is a classic one, falling just below the waist. You’ve got a standard collar, two chest pockets, two hip pockets, and an additional internal pocket. You’ve also got gusseting and articulation where you need it, ensuring that this is a jacket that moves with you.

LIVSN creates great stuff, and with the materials used – and the 100 year goal – you know this is not going to cost the same as the jacket you grab at the big box store. On Kickstarter, earlybird pricing starts at $389, which is a solid 35% discount off of the expected MSRP of $599. A bit pricier than you might expect for a cotton jacket, sure. To us, it looks like an excellent 3-season jacket, and with the new repair process, you truly won’t have to buy another light jacket for the rest of your life. The campaign is way over-funded, and runs through May 25, 2023; delivery is anticipated for December 2023. campaign page /

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