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Being someone who tends to get sunburn quite easily, as well as not having as much hair on top of my head as I used to, I tend to pay a lot of attention to hats. When I was looking for one for the outdoors, I ended up settling on the original Shapeflexer, which kept me fully shaded, and even fit my larger head (and I did get a second one once they introduced an even larger size). So, it was with extreme interest that I took at look at the Kickstarter for their latest design, the Shapeflexer Fairway.

What is it?

Basically, the Shapeflexer Fairway is an exercise in listening to your customers. While I was happy with the larger brim and the weight the hat has, many have been giving improvement suggestions. That led to a lighter version a few years back, and now to the Shapeflexer Fairway. It still has the flexibility to take whatever shape you want the brim in to keep your shaded, it’s just done with a smaller diameter brim, and with a thinner foam to help cut down on the weight.

The original Shapeflexer also has the capability to zip off of the top, so you could wear it more like a visor (albeit one with a full brim). Not many folks were making use of that, so that feature is gone. In it’s place, however, is a ponytail opening at the back of the hat, which allows those with longer hair to more comfortably wear the hat, and keep their hair off of their neck.

Did I back it?

I absolutely did. The two original Shapeflexer hats are go-tos for when I’m in the outdoors, be it camping, yard working, or whatever the scenario, if I’m going to be outside a long time. I will admit, though, the brim can be a bit oversized when you get back into “civilization”. So, with this smaller brim, it should make it an even more flexible hat to wear around town, even if it’s just to help keep the rain off of your head. To get one, they’re going for $40 (which includes shipping), and that’s worth every penny in my experience. The campaign ends September 23, 2023, with shipping anticipated for April 2024. campaign page

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