Roam where you want to, all around the world, with the GerTent

Spring is just around the corner, which means one thing for my family. Ok, well, several things, but the one germane to this article is that fact that camping season is just around the corner. We?re pretty well set at the moment with our ginormous family tent, but that doesn?t mean you, too, can?t look longingly at the GerTent.

Now, at first glance, the GerTent looks an awful lot like what I picture in my head when someone says ?yurt?. To be fair (insert your own Letterkenny clip here) this is actually based on the Mongolian Ger. I?ve never experienced that style of structure, but apparently it?s supposed to be fairly sturdy, and the pole structure here seems to be the same (sturdy). Of course, it is a more complex arrangement of things, so setup is estimated to be 15 minutes (once you know what you?re doing) with a couple of people doing it, and 10 minutes to take down.

Once setup, the inside of the GerTent looks much like what you see in photos from places that offer ?glamping?, or high-end camping experiences. What this means is that you can have a fairly large space here (sleeps up to 8 comfortably) to hang out (and of course sleep), with four doors that can be opened up (one main door, to which you can attach a porch add-on, and then three shorter ones) for light and air.

And, up at the outset, I was talking about spring, as we?re primarily a warmer weather (spring through fall, say) camping family. Well, what if you want to (or need to) camp in the winter? They?ve built a fire resistant chimney into the GerTent, so you could have an enclosed fire (say, a wood-burning stove) tucked inside for heat and cooking. In short, it?s a pretty flexible structure.

The one drawback here, especially if you?re just starting into the camping game, is the price tag. The super early bird tier starts at $1,440. Adding the room divider in bumps it up to $1,657, and adding the porch bumps you to $1,745. At that point, you need to ensure you?re super committed to years of camping (and not planning to go to a camper or trailer a few years down the road) or really have the use for a semi-permanent structure on your property for large parts of the year. The campaign is fully funded, and closes out on March 26th, 2020, with delivery anticipated for July – so you?ll be able to use it for some camping adventures yet this year. campaign page

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