Ekster gets in on the iPhone 11 case game

You can?t say I didn?t warn you – new iPhones means new iPhone cases. I already told you about a really cool hand-crafted leather one last week, and then a more traditional hard-case approach (here and here) . Now, we?ve got another leather option in the form of the Ekster case.

Now, if Ekster is familiar, it?s likely due to their wallets, with a rather trick credit card deployment function. And if you?re not, well, check out this review of one of those wallets over on our sister site, WristWatchReview. While the Ekster iPhone 11 cases don?t have triggers, they do have some tricks up their sleeves.

The Ekster iPhone 11 is positioned as a sidekick to your wallet, something that you could grab and go (and leave your wallet at home) for a night out, or even a quick trip to the store. The obvious way that is done is via the card pocket on the back side of the case. Inside the case, well, that?s a special treat for all you globetrotters. In there, they?ve got a dedicated pocket to hold a spare SIM card, as well as a SIM removal tool (no need to scrounge up a paperclip). They also show it as a handy spot to stash some spare cash (can?t use Apple Pay everywhere, just yet) without it being obvious you?re carrying cash.

So, there?s some nice bonus features in the Ekster iPhone 11 case, along with the nice leather they use. In terms of protecting the phone, that?s a bit less known. The product page lists it as being able to protect the screen with raised edges, and the lining is microfiber, so no new scratches show up. As to what sort of rebound or drop protection the case adds, that?s an unknown. Though, unless you?re climbing telephone poles for a living, this case – along with a tempered glass screen protector – will probably serve you well.

As of the time of writing this article, the Ekster iPhone 11 case is not yet available for purchase. But then again, neither is the iPhone 11. Presumably, both should arrive around the same time. If you want some more details, as well as sign up to be notified when it drops, head on over to ekster.com

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