Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK: cloud-like comfort

Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK

Back at the start of the year, we brought you word of a new arrival in the snow boot scene. While we had seen Deckers X Lab in the world of water shoes, we hadn’t checked out their footgear for less-balmy climes. Well, even though we’ve had a bit of a weird winter here in Chicagoland, we were still able to put the Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK to the test.

  • Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK
  • Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK

What they are

As we mentioned in our first article, the Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK are a hybrid running shoe / boot sort of a profile. Up top, they look quite like a hiking boot, while the soles are definitely from the world of sneakers. With the sole flaring out behind the heel, you do definitely have the style aspect. In practical terms, this means you’ve got a wider footprint to spread your tread out on the snow and ice. Combine that with the Vibram in the soles, and you’ve got the makings of a very stable platform.

  • Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK

Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK: putting them to the test

While we don’t currently have snow on the ground in Chicago, we did have a couple of big drops of the fluffy stuff. Coincidentally enough, the day before these arrived, the laces on my trusty snow boots snapped. So the Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK got put to the test quite quickly.

When I headed out to shovel, my feet felt firmly planted under me, and the shearling lining of the boots kept my toes nice and toasty, with only a single pair of socks on. One thing I was interested in checking out was just how well the boots could be kept clean. This popped up after I was spreading salt, as I had a fair amount of salt (and salt dust) on the microfiber of the uppers. A quick wipe with a damp cloth, and they were looking good as new.

  • Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK

But what about commuting?

It’s one thing to have a pair of boots for clearing out the driveway and sidewalk. But what about when it’s time to head in to the office? I put the Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK to work when I needed to commute into the office. As you’d expect, there were definitely no problems on sidewalks that weren’t completely cleared, and I did not have an problems if I had to go through a slushy puddle.

The main concern you might have here is going to be with your feet overheating. Once you’re inside, are the boots going to be too warm? Now, for me, my feet seem to always be cold. So, I felt the shearling lining kept things quite comfortable. We will note that the tongue of the boots is perforated to allow some heat and moisture out. The panels on the side of the boots also help with that. So, for me, these boots worked quite well on my commute, and I did not feel I needed to change them out once I got to the office.

  • Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK

Wrapping things up

Obviously, for our review, we looked at the tall version of the Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK. The do have a mid-height version available as well. With the same outsoles, you’re going to have that same “walking on a cloud” level of comfort, as well as a grippy path forward. Pricing between the two versions is pretty similar – $275 vs $280 – so it’s really a matter of what height of boot you want, as well as the color. As for us, these are definitely going to be the boots I’ll be putting on as soon as there’s a hint of snow on the ground.

Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK Details

  • Anatomic, gender specific medium width performance running last
  • Upper materials: Suede and ballistic nylon, both lined with 10 mm Sheepskin inside
  • Ultra-sized rear pull tab for easy entry
  • Insole: ATPU Anatomical midsole
  • Ultra sized midsole made out of Super-B 75-12
  • Vibram Outsole for grip on all surfaces
  • Oversized ground platform for stability
  • Multi-dimensional grooves engineered to adapt to any kind of surfaces
  • Tall: 3 X 3 lacing system with hole, ring, and hook eyelets for optimal entry, fit, and flex
  • Water-resistant treatment
  • MSRP: MAX 40 SPSK Tall: $275 | MAX 40 SPSK Mid: $280
  • Available in both men’s and women’s sizes

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