Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK: Ready for Winter

The last time we were talking to you about Deckers X Lab, we had some very sporty shoes that were ready for water and warm weather (you can read that review here). Well, here in Chicagoland, wearing shoes like that is a quick way to end up with some very frozen feet – especially now that it seems like winter is catching up to us. Well, not to worry, because the Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK is ready to keep your feet warm and dry when the cold and damp hits.

Looking at the Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK, they look like your familiar hybrid running shoe/hiking boot type of boots, with a very notable – and stylish – difference. That, of course, is the sole of the boots. These look very similar to the Baja we reviewed, with a thicker wedge under the heel that extends out behind your foot a bit. This should give you a wider platform for stability, as well as a handy way to kick your feet out to relax without worrying about dragging your feet through a puddle of melted snow.

Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK

Those soles are made of Vibram, which is great for traction in the wetness, and the boots themselves have a water-resistant treatment on them to keep the moisture from getting in. To keep your feet warm while you’re out and about, the Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK has 10mm of shearling lining, just like your favorite pair of moccasin house slippers. That should keep your toes nice and toasty, while also providing even more cushioning on top of that thick sole.

In terms of materials, the Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK are made from suede and ballistic nylon, which means you can probably use a spray-on water resistant treatment (such as Nikwax) over time to keep things nice and waterproof. It also means it should be relatively easy to keep the boots clean.

Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK

In terms of style and color, there are two options (in both men’s and women’s sizing). You’ve got the tall boot (perfect for bombing through the drifts) that comes in black, and runs $275, while the mid-height boot (think hiking boot fitment) is in a khaki color scheme, and comes in at $280. Seems like a solid and sportier option to jazz up what can sometimes be a dreary winter. We’re working on getting in a pair for review, so we’ll let you know how they perform in the snow and slush. In the meantime, you can get yours directly from

Deckers X Lab Max 40 SPSK Details

  • Anatomic, gender specific medium width performance running last
  • Upper materials: Suede and ballistic nylon, both lined with 10 mm Sheepskin inside
  • Ultra-sized rear pull tab for easy entry
  • Insole: ATPU Anatomical midsole
  • Ultra sized midsole made out of Super-B 75-12
  • Vibram Outsole for grip on all surfaces
  • Oversized ground platform for stability
  • Multi-dimensional grooves engineered to adapt to any kind of surfaces
  • Tall: 3 X 3 lacing system with hole, ring, and hook eyelets for optimal entry, fit, and flex
  • Water-resistant treatment
  • MSRP: MAX 40 SPSK Tall: $275 | MAX 40 SPSK Mid: $280
  • Available in both men’s and women’s sizes

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