BOTE Boards EasyRider: a new type of SUP

By this point, we should all be familiar with BOTE Boards. They offer a variety of standup paddleboards (SUP), water floats, and gear to keep your drinks cold. If their prior SUP offerings felt daunting, they have a brand-new entry-level model for you. Is it time to head out on the water with the BOTE Boards EasyRider?

  • BOTE Boards EasyRider

BOTE Boards EasyRider – what is it?

With the advent of inflatable watercraft that’s way more durable than your average pool float, a whole new world of water craft has opened up. A major issue many would have with getting a traditional standup paddleboard or kayak is just how big they are. They’re large to store, take a roof rack or truck bed to transport, and so on. With an inflatable, though, it becomes much easier to transport and store.

With the BOTE Boards EasyRider, you don’t even have to choose between a SUP or a kayak. Yes, it is primarily a standup board, but with their clever system, you can easily hook in a seat, and now you’re kayaking. Yes, water will splash up onto you, but that’s summertime and water. Having that ability to sit if you feel unsteady standing? That’s definitely a game changer. Prior to this, your only other option would have been to kneel. I don’t know about you, but that would get uncomfortable in a hurry. That paddle seat makes things a lot more interesting.

What else is different?

The BOTE Boards EasyRider also brings a long a hybrid paddle that should work whether you’re sitting or you’re standing. Here again, this is giving you flexibility that is going to be appreciated by anyone entering the sport. Not having to buy (and store and transport) multiple paddles is great.

Past that, you’ve got things that set BOTE Boards apart from the competition. First and foremost, you’ve got the MagnePOD system that can keep your water bottle (or can cooler) in place. That’s key, since there’s no sides to this thing to keep something from rolling off and into the water. Past that, you’ve got a place to hook on a carry strap so you can easily portage it while inflated, as well as built-in bungies to use to tie off.

  • BOTE Boards EasyRider

Are there any other versions?

We’ve focused on the $649 BOTE Boards EasyRider, but there are some other options in their Rider lineup. They’ve got 10’6″ version as well as a 11’6″ board, if you’re already feeling more accomplished. What’s also great in this lineup is that they’ve got a version specifically for kids. Being shorter, this makes for a much more manageable craft for youth to get accustomed to, rather than having to deal with something that’s just way to large for them to safely and comfortably paddle on. Whatever your skill level, it seems like there’s a hybrid SUP/kayak that should work for you. These are available now, and you can check out the range over at

  • BOTE Boards EasyRider

BOTE Boards EasyRider Details

  • Beginner-friendly for easy handling and maneuvering
  • Features include MAGNEPOD attachment points and versatile Travelink compatibility
  • Dimensions: 10’4’’ L x 36’’ W x 6’’ D
  • Construction: AeroULTRA Technology
  • Capacity: 250 LBS
  • Board Weight: 28 LBS
  • Hull Design: Flat Bottom with Entry Rocker
  • Features
    • Aero Paddle Seat Compatible (Included)
    • TravelinkTM Carry Sling Compatible
    • MAGNEPODTM Magnetic Accessory Compatible
    • Front Bungees
    • Soft Grab Handles
    • SUP+Kayak hybrid Paddle Included
  • Specs 
    • Dimensions: 10′4′′ L × 36′′ W × 6′′ D
    •  Capacity: 250 LBS
    •  Board Weight: 28 LBS
    •  Seat Weight: 5.6 LBS
    • Construction: AeroULTRA Technology
    • Hull Design: Flat Bottom with Entry Rocker
    • Optimal Board Inflation: 10-15 PSI
    • Optimal Seat Inflation: 7-10 PSI
    • Travel Bag Dimensions: 39′′ H × 19′′ W × 12′′ D Loaded Bag Weight: 39.6 LBS
  • Included Items
    • One (1) EasyRider Aero 10′4′′ Inflatable Hybrid Paddle Board
    • One (1) Removable Aero Paddle Seat
    • One (1) 4-Piece Aluminum SUP+Kayak Hybrid Paddle
    • One (1) Removable 10′′ Aero Center Fin
    • One (1) Aero Repair Kit
    • One (1) Aero Hand Pump
    • One (1) Backpack Travel Bag

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