Eargasm Earplugs: Stylish, glowy earplugs are perfect for your next rave

Earplugs are pretty much a commodity. You can get a box of 60 for about $8 and hit the club without worrying about your hearing, primarily because they reduce noise by about 38db. But what if you don’t want to look like a shop floor foreman? Eargasm has you covered.

Eargasm, an earplug startup, makes higher end earplugs, including standard “high fidelity earplugs” for $43 – earplugs that look like little bullets that fit snugly in the ear – and Earlights ($54), a pair of earplugs that lights up, turning your head into a mini rave.

Both products are nicely made and very light. Because they’re priced at over $40, these aren’t earplugs that you’re going to throw away at the end of the night. First, remember that these are not “professional-quality” – they’re designed specifically for music listening, which means the noise reduction maxes out at 16db. In fact, they’re very specifically aimed at music lovers. Eargasm has even become an official partners with various EDM concerts, including EDC Las Vegas.

Are Eargasm earplugs good?

The question of earplug quality boils down to one thing: audio fidelity. This means you need a set of earplugs that will reduce loudness but maintain sound quality. After all, you don’t want to miss the highs and lows of your favorite concert and you also don’t want to destroy your hearing.

Because these things reduce 16db worth of noise, you’re going to get solid sound reduction with plenty of space for the music. While you won’t be able to stand next to a jet engine in these, you will be able to bounce around for a few hours and, because they’re surprisingly comfortable and light, you probably won’t notice them.

The Earlights are also quite unique with their cute light-up features. Getting the battery into these things took a minute of futzing and I suspect the light up gimmick will get old after a while, but if you want to get noticed, these will definitely do the trick.

At $43 and $53 respectively these earplugs are pricey. You can obviously get a can of cheaper ones and throw them away at the end of the night but these are aimed at a more discerning user who doesn’t want 36db or more of noise reduction, essentially deadening the entire experience. If you think you can hold onto these for an extended period of time and you go to a lot of concerts, by all means pick up a pair. They’re great little earplugs and work very well and, despite the unfortunate name, they might be a good addition to your arsenal.

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