Introducing: Artilect Supermoon Hoodie

While we’re looking forward to warmer temperatures and all the outdoor activities that opens up, there’s nothing wrong with looking at a slightly heavier layer to use these winter months, or even in those colder spring and fall days. We recently became aware of an intriguing new option to do just that – the Artilect Supermoon Hoodie.

Now, first things first – what’s a supermoon? It’s the confluence of a full moon hitting the point in it’s elliptical orbit that brings it as close to the Earth as it can get, meaning it just looks huge hanging there in the sky. So, why invoke the moon for a hoodie? Best as we can tell, it’s to remind you that this will be a layer to keep you warm even when that moon is out at night.

Now, to look at the Artilect Supermoon Hoodie, you might be wondering what makes it any different than those other fleece softshells that you can get at the shop, or maybe already have in your closet. For us, it’s all about the fabric. For starters, the PrimaLoft® Bio™ fleece that it uses is made from 100% recycled fibers, so you’re keeping things out of the landfill. Not only that, the fabric is biodegradable – meaning that, once you’ve worn this softshll completely out, it’ll break down on it’s own, not taking up space in a landfill.

So really, it’s all about that fabric. We also appreciate that the Artilect Supermoon Hoodie offers a hood. If you’re not wearing the hood, you’ve still got the benefits of a tall collar (which many fleece jackets have), but then you’ve got that hood that allows you to keep some warmth on your head, whether or not you’re wearing a hat.

Along with all of that, you’ve got two hip pockets and a chest pocket (all zippered) to stash your gear, slim and stretch lycra cuffs to keep the warmth in, and a slimmer fit to allow you to stay active, and keep it as a layer under another shell. If you want to pick up a Artilect Supermoon Hoodie, they’re in both men’s and women’s cuts, in three colors, for $180. If this all sounds too good to be true, we’re getting one in for review, and will tell you all about it once we’ve had some time with it. In the meantime, you can get all the details at

Details from Artilect

  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Under the helmet hood
  • 2 zippered hand pockets & 1 zippered chest pocket
  • Primaloft Bio pocket lining
  • Lycra cuffs
  • Woven label & embroided logo
  • Primaloft BIO Fleece is bluesign approved

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