Carved Live Edge Wallet: in review

Carved Live Edge Wallet

Last year, we introduced you to a new type of phone case from Carved (reviewed here) that married wood and resin. This made for a case that not only protected, but looked good doing it. Carved offers several other types of products, and we’re working through what ones we can check out. Lately, I’ve been carrying the Carved Live Edge Wallet.

What is it?

Frankly, it’s all in the name. The Carved Live Edge Wallet offers a live edge, which means you can see the ends of the wood. In other words, you’re seeing the grain as it is. This is then paired with resin, which is then all machined into a pocket that can easily hold cards. You then have a metal plate (that is RFID-blocking) held in place by an elastic strap. This allows for easy expansion, carrying up to eight cards.

I played around with that a little bit, and ended up settling on four cards as being a comfortable spot. More than that, and you’re pushing that metal plate up above the edge of the wood and resin. This also puts additional strain on the elastic strap, which can make it trickier to get your cash out. Then again, you don’t have to keep the cash there if you don’t normally carry paper money.

  • Carved Live Edge Wallet

Carved Live Edge Wallet – actually using it

Once I had the cards (and cash) loaded in, all that was left to do was actually use it. The first thing I immediately noticed was just how well it worked with the phone case. I carry my wallet and phone in the same pocket, and try to have the phone case going against the wallet. Here, since they’re the same materials, the move smoothly against each other.

When it came time to get the cards out, it was quite simple. You’ve got a thumb notch that allows you to slide the cards up, and I tended to keep my most frequently-used card at the front, making it a cinch to slide out. I don’t use the cash as much as cards, but you are able to pull the dollars out. Just make sure you’ve got them out and ready to do, as that elastic can be a bit snug.

  • Carved Live Edge Wallet

Wrapping things up

The combination of wood and resin is an alluring one, and allows for some very unique designs. The Carved Live Edge Wallet works as advertised, and kept a slim carry tidily in place. We do wish that they offered a second elastic in the purchase (or made them available as an add-on), as those are the main point of failure we think you’ll see over time. That said, we had no issues with it during our review cycle. The wallet is offered in a number of colors and patterns (both in terms of wood and resin), each coming in at $99. You can check out the full range over at

Carved Live Edge Wallet Details

  • Precision machined Wood & Resin body
  • Easily holds 1-8 cards + cash
  • RFID blocking on front side
  • No screws, no tiny metal parts.
  • Made at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana

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