Arcade Belts Atlas: a heavier-duty stretch

Around this time last year, we reviewed the Arcade Belts A2 (seen here). That has been a great belt, and I’ve worn it several times a week since then. If you are looking for something that’s a bit heavier duty – either due to what you need to carry, or the activities you’re involved in – there are options as well. You could go with something like their Hardware belt, or something like the Arcade Belts Atlas, which we’ve been spending time with.

  • Arcade Belts Atlas
  • Arcade Belts Atlas

A belt that moves with you

What’s great about the stuff from Arcade (and this includes the Arcade Belts Atlas) is that they move and flex with you. Odds are, your pants and shorts have some level of stretch built into them now. This is great for comfort, but if you’re using a classic leather belt, you’ve lost the give and movement at the waist. That’s where something like the stuff from Arcade comes in.

This is courtesy of their webbing. On the Atlas, this is made of 85% Repreve recycled polyester and 15% rubber. This allows the belt to have plenty of stretch, while also keeping that original material out of the landfill. So, comfort for you and better for the planet.

  • Arcade Belts Atlas
  • Arcade Belts Atlas
  • Arcade Belts Atlas

A heavier webbing

With the Arcade Belts Atlas, you’re getting a belt that’s a bit more robust. If you go through those slides just above, you can see how it compares to the original A2 belt that we reviewed. While the A2 buckle itself is the same, you can see that the webbing itself is thicker. This means it should do a better job of holding up your britches when you load down the pockets, or find yourself banging up against the rocks and trees in the woods.

While it was thicker, I did not find it to be any less comfortable than the version we reviewed a year ago. Once you’ve got the sizing set where you need it, comfort is locked in. It’s great with the buckle style, because you never need to adjust things. It’s always the right size. And if you find yourself leaving them in the same pair of pants or shorts all the time, you can even run the belt through the wash with them, and it’ll be none the worse for wear.

  • Arcade Belts Atlas
  • Arcade Belts Atlas
  • Arcade Belts Atlas

Great for travel

When you’re traveling, comfort can make things a lot more bearable. We’ve already addressed how comfortable it is to wear. With the lower profile buckle, it’s not going to get snagged on things. And, with the all-plastic construction, you don’t have to worry about this belt setting off any metal detectors as you go through security. It’s a minor thing, but it’s really appreciated.

  • Arcade Belts Atlas
  • Arcade Belts Atlas

Wrapping things up

I’ve been consistently impressed with what Arcade Belts has been producing, and they’ve quickly become my belt of choice for anything other than a dress belt when I’ve got a suit on. The comfort and durability is there, and the fact that it can flex and move with me is just great. What’s also great is that across all of the colors, styles, and patterns, the pricing is relatively similar. If you want to pick up a Arcade Belts Atlas (in one of 9 colors), they’re just $34.95 directly from

Arcade Belts Atlas features

  • Contoured Buckle – Low-profile and contoured to follow the curve of your form for maximum comfort
  • Performance Stretch – Freedom of motion to move with your body, providing a secure hold with no pinching
  • Easy On & Off – Tapered buckle design feeds easily through belt loops
  • Patented A2 Buckle System – holds securely while in use and releases with less pressure
  • Custom Fit – More precise than holes, micro-adjustable buckle dials in your exact fit
  • Recycled Materials – Webbing is made with 85% post-consumer recycled REPREVE®️ polyester
  • Long-lasting – Our buckle is molded with high density plastic that is durable, yet lightweight, designed to endure the toughest outdoor adventures
  • Machine Washable and Dryable – Throw ’em in the laundry with your pants
  • Travel Friendly – Metal-free materials make airport security a breeze
  • Belt Keeper – Elastic loop keeps excess belt tucked in place.

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