Adidas SP0076 Sunglasses: ready for sport

We’ve been fortunate to review a number of different styles of sunglasses here, and I’ve sort of settled into the styles that I like. I tend to go for polarized, and go with something around the standard aviator / Wayfarer / keyhole shape. That doesn’t always work for when you’re getting a bit more vigorous. That’s where a pair of shades like the Adidas SP0076 sunglasses come in handy.

  • Adidas SP0076

What they are

While the Adidas SP0076 are listed as a casual pair of frames, to our eyes, they come across as a bit more sporty. With the wider lens that wraps around, you’ve got a good deal more wind protection. In other words, these are handy for when you’re out on the bike, or maybe going for a jog when it’s a bit breezier of a day.

Adidas SP0076

What we liked about them

First off is that frameless lens look. It’s a very distinct style, and can indicate that yes, you are getting out to get a bit healthier. That shape also works well to cut down on the wind in your eyes, as we noted. While the lenses themselves are mirrored, they’re not heavily tinted. This was a plus, as I wore them mostly when I went out for my morning jog.

At that time, it’s not super bright when I start out, but it can get quite sunny by the time I’m done. With this lighter level of tint, you’re able to see when it’s not full sun, but it cuts down the glare once the sun is up. Presumably, the same would be true if you’re out in the evening, giving you lenses that will work until the headlights turn on.

Finally, there’s the fact of just how well the Adidas SP0076 stay in place on your face. The frames themselves are fairly light, and the arms have a textured, rubberized texture that helps them stick in place. The nose pad is rubberized, but we’re not as certain if it’s hydrophobic (probably not, as it’s not called out). Still, you can easily adjust the sizing on the nose pads, getting the fit right where you’d prefer it.

Adidas SP0076

Wrapping things up

If you’re looking for a pair of shades to keep your eyes protected (from the wind and sun) while you’re off on your early morning or evening exercise, the Adidas SP0076 should certainly get the job done. Do note that, if you only want polarized lenses, these do not have that. If you want to pick up a pair, they’re going for $78 (which includes a zippered carrying case) over on

Adidas SP0076 Tech Specs

Color Options:Matte Black, White
Lenses Color Options:Brown, Smoke, Brown Mirrored
Model:SP0076 Prfm Shield
Frame Material:Injected
Frame Shape:Shield
Frame Type:Semi Rimless
Warranty:2 years

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