Yashica Vision Binoculars: now funding

While I can’t say that I follow the segment that closely, it feels like I’ve been seeing a lot more popping up for night vision gadgets. Often, these take the form of a monocular, and often from brands that none of us have ever heard of. What if you could get a set of night vision-enabled binoculars from a camera optics brand you have heard of? That’s what’s on offer with the Yashica Vision Binoculars.

Yes, that’s right – THAT Yashica. They’ve been creating camera gear since before most of us were around, so you know they’ll have the optics part of this new gadget locked down. Some of what they’re able to do comes from the glass, of course, but it’s also enabled in large part chipset involved here. What it’s doing is combining what it can capture with low light, as well as what the device can output in terms of IR (at three different intensities) to create something that you can see in 4K.

The Yashica Vision Binoculars have quite a few things going for them:

  • Up to a 16-hour battery life, so you can explore all you want at night without the battery being exhausted
  • Support for Micro SD cards up to 512GB – so you can capture a lot of video and photos
  • The ability to work in daytime – it’s not just night vision

Frankly, these feel like they’ve got a lot of good things going on for them, and the pricetag – $139 for Super Early Bird – really just puts icing on the cake. Unsurprisingly, they’re way over-funded, with the campaign running until March 5. If you back one, they’re anticipating shipping in May, so they’ll be there in time for checking out what made that noise outside your campsite. campaign page / yashica.com

Tech Specs

FOCUS RANGE 50 cm to infinity
DISPLAY4-inch TFT ultra-high definition display
EXTERNAL MEMORY Micro SD card supports up to 512GB
ZOOM 5x Digital zoom
SENSORGalaxycore 1/2.9 CMOS
BATTERY 5000mANh built-in lithium battery
OPERATION TIMEup to 16 operation time with IR off,up to 5 hours of operation time with IR on

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