Vizio TV’s – now providing apples

Well, ok, not literally. There’s no produce coming from the television sets. But, as we’ve seen this year, Vizio has been steadily expanding the capabilities of the sets they’re selling (a benefit of internet updates), and the latest to hit is good old Apple TV.

And really, having all of these streaming services available as choices in a set you buy certainly makes it flexible for whatever your use case may be. Sure, I may like using my external Roku device, but you may not want to do that, or you’re setting up a new set and don’t want to buy another streaming box. If your TV can handle the services you’re subscribed to already, well, then it’s that much simpler to get going.

What’s particularly nice about this is that folks with a Vizio SmartCast TV who aren’t already Apple+ subscribers can get three months for free in the deal as well. Past that, well, it’s the Apple TV experience that you’re already used to from any number of devices, so you’ll be ready to dive back into your catalog.

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