The Keychron K3 – slim, mechanical, and RGB

I mean, really, what’s not to like? Now that I’ve gotten acclimated to a 10-keyless (read: more compact) keyboard what they’ve got going on with the Keychron K3 really seems like a very solid next step.

For starters, the Keychron K3 is using an aluminum base to hold everything in place. This allows for a slimmer profile than might be otherwise afforded by a molded base. There are keyboards that do that already (and I’m fact typing on one right now). Where things really take off are with the switches and keycaps being used.

As you’d expect, the Keychron K3 offers a variety of mechanical switches (all the colors of the rainbow). As an extra, you could also opt for optical switches which shave another mm off of the overall height (and also gives you the option for hot-swapping of switches). Throw in some thinner keycaps, and you’ve got an overall keyboard height that (at it’s tallest) is shorter than a US quarter set on end.

In other words, the Keychron K3 is a very low-profile board. Of course, you could bulk it up a bit with different keycaps if you like, as they’ve leveraged the more-or-less standard MX-styled stems and stabilizers. I like the sleeker look though, particularly as it can go wireless (bluetooth) which makes it very easy to keep a clean workspace. Should you desire to go wired, though, it can do that as well via a USB-C cable (also how it charges).

The Keychron K3 is currently funding, with the lowest tier of pricing starting at just $64 (RGB adds another $10 to the price). The campaign itself is super over-funded, and is still going to run until October 16, 2020, with delivery then anticipated to begin in November 2020. campaign page

Tech Specs from Keychron

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