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So, earlier today I hit you with a roundup of three TV sets and soundbars from Vizio (you can see that here). There are a few other technical updates they’ve done lately that I didn’t cover there, but thought were worth mentioning separately.

First, as should surprise absolutely no one, Vizio has built in support for Disney+ via Airplay2 available today. The actual news here is, if you’re a Google-based home, they’ve got a Chromecast update coming for early December.

VIZIO, known for award-winning picture quality, outstanding features, and incredible value, today announces a Chromecast built-in update that will allow users to cast Disney+ content to their VIZIO SmartCast TVs. Viewers can already watch content from the Disney+ app using?Apple AirPlay 2?by simply tapping the?AirPlay icon?and selecting their SmartCastTV when in the app.

The Chromecast built-in update will start rolling out in early December to VIZIO SmartCast TVs to allow users to cast Disney+ content just as easily. This update will give consumers more flexibility to stream their favorite apps, like Disney+, on the TV they purchase this holiday season.

Vizio PR

As we all know, adding things to a software platform can sometimes slow things down. So, Vizio has proactively done some rework under the covers to ensure their entire SmartCast platform is humming along as quickly as it can:

VIZIO, Inc.?today began the rollout of SmartCast 3.5, the newest upgrade to its smart TVs, bringing improved speed and responsiveness to the VIZIO SmartCastTM?platform.

The SmartCast 3.5 update includes quicker startup and load times, faster input switching, and improved remote-control responsiveness while using SmartCast. Users can more seamlessly scroll through the SmartCast platform, making it easier than ever to find their favorite content. They can also quickly jump into and out of their favorite apps including Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and YouTube. Switching inputs from Apple AirPlay or VIZIO WatchFree? and returning to SmartCast home is now also significantly faster. SmartCast 3.5 brings users an improved content discovery experience, just in time for the holidays.

Vizio PR

So, whatever you’re doing with your Vizio TV, I’d say you want to go ahead and make sure you’ve got the latest updates applied to your set.

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