This sweet grid Casio is laser-carved

Holy wow is this thing cool. It’s basically a Full Metal G-Shock made of stainless steel that features a laser-engraved face that turns the entire watch into a grid.

From the release:

“While inheriting the shape of the first?G-SHOCK, the new timepiece boasts an evolved exterior with full metal construction and a Grid Tunnel pattern that connects the past with the future. After a black IP finish is applied to the metal, a grid pattern is engraved by laser, adding a modern touch to the classic design.”

“The new?GMWB5000CS-1?features a diamond-like carbon (DLC) finishing process and laser etching on the screw-lock back case and upholds its metal, shock-resistant exterior with a fine resin cushioning material that is inserted between the stainless-steel case and bezel, and then enclosed in a protective shell. The band connection sections also employ a three-pronged structure to distribute the impact from shocks, further enhancing the model?s state-of-the-art strength and design.”

It’s a pretty standard watch without the bells and whistles of other Casio wrist computers, but damn if it doesn’t look cool. It uses GPS and radio to set the time and it’s Bluetooth-connected.

You can pick it up for $800 online.

John Biggs

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