Now Funding: Munchkin Batman

While it’s been a bit since I’ve played Munchkin, it’s a game I rather enjoyed. The back and forth of the game can get to you a bit, but you just need to settle in and realize things don’t always go your way. While there have been some themed editions of the game, this latest one really caught my eye – Munchkin Batman.

In the regular Munchkin, you (and the other players) are various fantasy RPG stereotypes, and you’re running around killing monsters and taking risks. In Munchkin Batman, you’re instead playing one of the villains from Batman’s Rogues Gallery, and you are committing crimes.

Basically, if you like the mechanics of Munchkin (and particularly, sticking it to your fellow players) you’ll no doubt dig this latest edition. For a Bat-fan like myself, it’s practically an insta-buy, though the $50 starting tier does give one some pause. The campaign is funded, and wraps up on March 18, 2022. /

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