The Human Minute is the most pleasant thing you’ll do all day

The hardest thing for many under quarantine is the lack of human contact. The Human Minute kind of fixes that.

The premise is basic: you log in and stare at an another anonymous person online while they stare back at you. You basically make eye contact without saying a word and just relax into the experience. It’s really, really nice.

From the site:

We are developing multiple experiences at Human Online. Currently you can experience the Human Minute. You both commit to share one minute together, looking at each other over a silent video connection. You can be you. The other can be themself. We have built this space to encourage an authentic way of being with each other:

I tried it an it was great. I was paired with another greying 40-something dude and we looked at each other for 60 seconds. Nothing more. It was nice seeing a friendly face on the other end of the screen without the baggage of conference calls and the hyper sexualization of tools like Omegle. In short, it was a nice moment with another human.

Stay safe and sane, friends. Now all we need is virtual hugs and we’ll be golden.

John Biggs

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