CNN+ To Shut Down Month After Release

CNN’s attempt at a subscription service will be shutting down on April 30th, after just 32 days of operation. The service reportedly had just 10,000 daily users, a clearly disappointing turnout for the exclusive, interactive news program.

CNN+ logo

The service cost just $6 per month, which was assumedly too much for even CNN’s most avid viewers. The reccomendation to cancel the newly born program was made by CNN’s new president, Chris Licht, who was appointed as a part of the WarnerMedia/Discovery merger earlier this month.

The program may not be completely dead in the water, however, as talks of moving CNN+’s exclusive programming to streaming services like HBO Max and Discovery+ are reportedly being had. Nonetheless, one thing is clear. Consumers are beginning to cut down on their subscription services, and companies will have to have stronger products to get a foothold in the competitive market.

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