Summertime wool options from Artilect

Wool, for summer? Yes, that’s right! While we tend to think of wool for winter time, when it’s used in thin layers, it can make for a breathable, wicking, and very odor-resistant layer for summertime activities, or even as a travel layer that can be worn more multiple days between washing.

The first option we’re bringing up is the Artilect Utilitee. Think of it as your standard printed t-shirt that you’d throw on before heading out, but done up with a merino wool yarn that’s wrapped around a nylon core that’s what the company calls NuYarn. What does this particular blend bring to the table? Here’s what they say:

  1. 5x Faster Drying: Nuyarn® begins to absorb moisture at the vapor stage, before it becomes droplets – one tier before synthetic fibers can absorb moisture.
  2. 8.8x More Durable than Conventional Merino
  3. 85% More Elasticity: Nuyarn® offers up to 85% more stretch than conventional Merino, and regains its original length to 100%.
  4. 53% Less Air Permeability: Nuyarn® fabrics are up to 53% less air permeable than conventional merino fabrics.
  5. 35% Higher Thermal Retention: Nuyarn® fabrics offer up to 35% more thermal retention than conventional Merino fabrics.
  6. 50% Higher Burst Strength & 120% Stronger Seams: Nuyarn® fabrics offer up to 50% higher burst strength and 120% stronger seams.

The Artiliect Utilitee also blends in a fiber called Tencel, derived from wood fibers, to help with the cooling effect. These are available for $85 in both men’s and women’s cuts, in a variety of colors.

If you want a slightly lighter-weight option, either for runs or an under layer, then you might also consider the Artilect Sprint Tees. These are the NuYarn wool blend fiber, in a lighter weight (115 gsm vs 150 gsm for the Utilitee) that should work nicely for layering. Or, if it’s just for your morning run when it’s cooler out, you’ll appreciate the reflective tape that’s embedded in the side seams. These run $85 for short sleeve, or $90 – $100 for the long sleeved versions. They are also available in both men’s and women’s cuts.

For myself, I’m planning to look more closely at these lighter-weight wool tees, as they could be a handy thing to cut down on packing (and laundry) on a longer trip, so long as the fibers are smooth and don’t make you itchy. In the meantime, you can see everything Artilect has on offer directly at

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