Now Funding: The Quanta Vici heated wearables

For many of us, the temperatures have definitely turned towards the cooler. That means we’re pulling out the various layers to stay warm. Wool is where I tend to go most of the time, but there’s no doubt that some electrons (via the magic of resistive heating) can keep you toasty. That’s where a newer crowdfunding campaign – the Quanta Vici Smart Wearables.

I will freely admit – while I’ve looked into heated socks in the past, I’ve never quite pulled the trigger on them. Which isn’t to say I’m not still interested in them, as it’s commonly my feet that feel the coldest, whether indoors or out. With the Quanta Vici Smart Wearables, you’ve got either a pair of gloves or pair of socks (or both, I suppose) that have a small rechargeable battery pack, with a bluetooth radio built in to talk to your phone.

With that connection, you can set what your preferred temperature is, and then tell your fingers or toes get nice and toasty. For gloves, this really makes sense, especially since you rarely – if ever – wash winter gloves. Socks, though? Those you wash on the regular. Here, things are supposed to be waterproof enough – you just need to remove the battery pack, and into the wash it can go. Speaking of battery packs – you can extend the heat waves by plugging in your own external battery pack.

It does sound like an interesting solution, particularly if you find your extremities getting a bit of a chill. Durability will be the key question here, as you’ve got some sort of wiring going through the gloves and socks to deliver the heat. Given that you’re paying $159 for a pair of socks or $189 for the gloves, you want these lasting several cold weather seasons. The campaign closes out on December 1st (delivery anticipated for January 2021) with funding close to 10x of their goal – so these should see the light of day. campaign page

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