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While many of us aren’t headed back to the gyms just yet, there are certainly plenty of options to keep fit at home. You can of course head out for a jog, or try an at-home rower or bring a coach into your home with a giant display and weight rack. On the other hand, if you want something that goes up on the wall and is a bit less obtrusive, then have a look at the Carbon Trainer.

In many ways, the Carbon Trainer feels similar to the Tempo we talked about a little bit ago. By that I mean that it has a 3D tracking system to watch for your form and reps, and it has a subscription component to get you tied into training for strength, HIIT, and conditioning. Aside from style, however, there is one major difference.

That difference is in how it’s tracking the weight that you’re throwing. Yes, you can buy weights from Carbon that will talk to the computer hiding under the display. But what if you’ve already got a robust-enough set of weights in your home setup, and are just looking to get coaching without leaving the house? Well, you can still use the Carbon Trainer.

This is accomplished by stand-alone wireless sensors that you can put onto your own weights, be they kettlebells, dumbells, or barbells. This can help the system track the actual amount of weight you’re lifting, as well quantifying things like “explosiveness”. By default, the system comes expecting to use those sensors, and also contains:

  • Carbon Training Mirror
  • Wall Mount
  • 6x Sensor pack for weights
  • 2x Resistance Bands
  • 2 year warranty

To get this into your home gym setup, there’s earlybird pricing right now for $1,750 (discounted from the planned MSRP of $2,295) that also includes a year of their subscription (which will then be $39 / month). The upfront cost is steeper, yes, but if you’re looking for alternatives to potentially virus-laden gyms, this is a high-tech way to keep in shape while still taking advantage of what a personal coach or instructor-led class can offer. You can check out all the details – and get your order in for the Carbon Trainer, which ships in December – directly at


  • Dimensions: H 136cm x W 58cm x D 55cm (H 53.8″ x W 22.8″ x D 2.2″)
  • Weight: ~23kg (50lbs)
  • Frame: Anodized lightweight matte black aluminum
  • LED Backlight: RGB light strip along side profile
  • Touch Screen: Capacitive mirror
  • Display: 43? 4K LCD
  • Camera: Ultra-wide angle 3D camera
  • Voice Control: Far Field Microphone
  • Sound: Built-In High End Speakers
  • Optional: Stand

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