In Review: Scott’s Protein Balls Peanut Butter Cup

If you’re focusing on your nutrition as part of your fitness journey, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the wide variety of protein options out there. Most commonly it’s in the form of powders that you mix with milk or water, or take the form of protein bars with wide ranges of flavors that can definitely itch the scratch of wanting a sweet snack, while being a good bit healthier than a candy bar. Recently, we became aware of a new form-factor for protein delivery, and got some of the latest flavor in from Scott’s Protein Balls in to try out.

What are they?

As the saying goes, Scott’s Protein Balls do just what they say on the tin. Utilizing all plant-based, organic ingredients, you’re getting a bite-sized dose of protein, with two of the balls coming in at 160 calories and 9g of protein. For those familiar with Midwestern delicacies, they sort of look like that confection known as a Buckeye. These, of course, are going to be a good bit healthier.

How do they taste?

That’s the big thing with any protein product – the taste. Regardless of whatever the flavor is, you invariably get a very specific aftertaste that lets you know that, yeah, this was a protein-forward product. With the Scott’s Protein Balls, you do get that aftertaste, though I found it a bit milder, perhaps due to the specific blend they’re using (all plant-based, no whey). In terms of the overall flavor, your tastebuds will not be tricked – this is not going to be a 1:1 replacement for a peanut butter cup. The peanut butter flavor was definitely there, but the chocolate flavor was definitely not as forward as you would expect, given how dark the product actually is. That said, for a quick snack, they were tasty to eat.

Would we recommend them?

That’s tricky, for something that is so specific to each persons tastebuds. In our book, they’re worth trying out, especially given the wide variety of flavors they have. The one thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that these do need to remain refrigerated. So, unlike a protein bar, you’re not going to pop these in your desk drawer and have them available when the urge hits. On the other hand, if you’re embracing the WFH life, they’re worth trying out. If you’re price-shopping, just look at your normal protein bar nutrition, and then figure out if it’s 2-4 of the balls that would align, and calculate from there. Want to pick up some? You can get 3 4-packs (so, 12 protein balls total; most of their other flavors are in 20 piece packages) for $19.99 directly from; we’re also seeing them – at slightly higher prices – over at Amazon as well.


Ingredients: (All organic and gluten free) Peanut butter, oat flour, ground flaxseed, allulose, SPB protein blend (pea protein, chia powder, MCT powder, chickory root (inulin) and broccoli seed powder), semi-sweet chocolate chips, raw cane sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter (55% cacao) and vanilla extract.

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