MB&F makes a T-Rex clock

MB&F, makers of imaginative watches, clocks, and music boxes, has a new clock out, the T-REX Bronze Clock. What prehistoric wrath, the mighty REX OF TIME (my words) will issue, rending minutes and hours from my day – we can only recount in fever dreams. What is this thing?

This thing, as I called it, is designed by MB&F, made by L’Ep?e, and re-imagined by Massena Lab. MB&F stands for Max Busser and Friends, so it’s no surprise to see him working with L’Ep?e again.


L’Epee make the movement, with the springs and gears that motivate the hands to tell time. Massena and MB&F created the hand-blown glass dial, in a deep emerald green. The gold hands extend deep from within the center of the dial and curve outward around the Murano glass dial.


The body of the clock is made of bronze, with legs that look vaguely robot-like, and feet modeled on Tyrannosaurus rex bones. The feet have an aged brown patina, and the whole body is oxidized by hand to preserve the color. Only 15 will be made, for a mere $27,000 USD. Get yours from Massenalab.com.

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