ErgonBand, the handmade leather strap for Apple Watch (and others)

This thing is weird. The ErgonBand takes a traditional watch or Apple Watch and turns it at an angle to make it easier to glance at.

This isn’t that different than the driver’s watches of the 1930s, which rotated the dial on the movement so that the face was angled towards you without having to bend your arm in front of you.

The theory is fine enough, but in order to do it, they run the strap between your thumb and the rest of the palm. It’s sort of a punk thing.

The kickstarter campaign boldly compares it to the Herm?s watch band.

I’m sure that it’s high quality leather, with excellent stitching, although I’m not convinced that makes it a worthy competitor for the Herm?s fashion house.

ErgoBand has a hole so that the heart rate sensor of the Apple Watch can make contact with the skin, although I don’t know that it’s in a position it was designed for, sitting on the top of your hand instead of on the wrist.

The summary is this:

Yes, the “driving watch” position is a good one for looking at the watch without changing hand position.

It looks a little strange, especially with the strap going between the thumb as it does.

As of this writing, 227 people are pledged to get it. Because it had an artificially low number required to get funded, it’s funded. If you want to live in a Mad Max world and wear your timepiece on the top of your hand, carry on, and get one at

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