Roland’s 4XCamera Maker is a powerful multi-angle video editor for iOS

Multi-angle filming is a trick as old as movies or television ? you set up multiple cameras, roll film, and edit between them after the fact. If you didn’t have multiple cameras, you had to do multiple takes from the different angles. Roland wants to make this easier, with the 4XCamera Maker app for iOS.

Roland’s 4X Camera Maker app helps you capture on up to three other iOS devices, upload footage to a main iOS device, and then edit split screen, transitions, fades, and more, using either an iPhone or iPad.

The edit features are an in-app purchase, or if you have one of Roland’s GO:Mixer or GO:Mixer Pro audio input devices, you can plug one of those in to enable the editing features for free.

It’s never been easier to make movies. Kevin Smith, Steven Soderbergh, and more directors regularly advise people to get out and make a movie. Soderbergh’s gone so far as to film movies entirely on iPhone 7 and later devices.

Using an app like Roland’s 4X Camera Maker is one more piece of the puzzle. Instead of having to take multiple takes to get different shots of the same scene, use 3 iOS devices to capture it during the same take. This way, you can cut between them, and the only problem you’ll have is the one George Lucas used to bemoan: human actors.

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