Now Funding: Arden Indoor Pellet Smoker

The other week, we told you about some new wood pellet smokers coming from Traeger (you can see that here and here). While that’s the route I’m planning to go one day – a grill-sized outdoor setup – I realize that’s not the case for everyone. What if you’ve got an apartment, but still want that sweet, slow-cooked smokey flavor? That’s where the Arden Indoor Pellet Smoker comes in.

As you can guess from the name – and from that video up above – the Arden Indoor Pellet Smoker is intended as a countertop appliance that allows you to get all of the smoked flavor into your food without filling your kitchen with the smoke. Somehow, they’re doing this without the need for any filters, so all the more power to them.

In short, it looks like a very appliance approach to smoking, with plenty of control over what the device is doing, which should lead to a relatively stress-free smoke. While it’ll get the job done for a few people to be able to eat, don’t plan on feeding the neighborhood out of this thing. Then again, if that’s your goal, you’re looking at an outdoor setup anyways.

As it stands right now, earlybird pricing for the Arden Indoor Pellet Smoker is $649, with the campaign way over-funded at this point. Shipping is anticipated to happen in August 2023, so like a good slow-cooked brisket, you’ll have to be patient to get this smoker on your countertop.

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