Portable computing power – not just for tablets anymore

When it comes to portable devices that fit in your pocket, we tend to think of things like gaming systems (Switch Lite, anyone? Or Evercade?), or maybe a tablet. If you want to go full-on and do some work, your options are a fewer. Sure, you could get a Chromebook, or get a keyboard for your tablet, but a Windows-based experience? That’s where the Pocket PC – now funding on Indiegogo – comes in.

First things first – yes, that is a super uninspired name. Yes, it covers off on what the device does, but it screams “My favorite flavor is vanilla”. Which is a fine flavor – it just doesn’t excite you. You know what will? Specs. Specs will always do it. The Pocket PC has those covered:

  • 16GB of RAM
  • 1 Terabyte PCIe SSD
  • Intel Core i5 9th Generation 3.4 GHz with up to 4.6 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0
  • 6-Core 6-Thread Processor
  • 1080p Retina Display with a 7″ Foldable Touch Screen
  • Windows 10 Pro Operating System
  • 9 Hour Battery Life
  • Mini HDMI, USB Type C, Thunderbolt 3 Support
  • Stylus 2048 Handwriting Pen Included

Aside from the memory and processor speed, what’s impressive to me – for this packaging – is the inclusion of the touch screen and stylus. It means that, sure, you’ve got a “full” keyboard at your disposal, but there will be plenty of times that it will be simpler to use some sort of touch interaction.

Or, something like the Touch PC could be a sort of mobile hub. In other words, you dock it at home (or the office) with a regularly-sized keyboard, mouse, and monitor, and then you can grab it and go to continue to work (or play games) while on the go. The Indidegogo campaign for the Pocket PC is running now, with earlybird pricing starting at just $566 for this compact Windows 10 computer. The campaign wraps up at the end of September (and is fully over-funded) with delivery anticipated for February 2020. campaign page

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