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In our opinion, a good external battery pack is something that should regularly be part of your bag when you head out for the day. Most recently, we reviewed one with built-in cables for your Apple devices (you can read that here). If you prefer to be a little more brand-agnostic for what you’re charging, you’ll want to check out the three newest mophie Powerstation options.

For the first two – the mophie Powerstation and mophie Powerstation XL are just what you’re thinking of when it comes to a battery pack. Either a 10,000 or 20,000 mAh capacity, up to a 15W output across all three ports at once, or a 20W USB-C PD port, and a fairly carryable design (the XL is a good bit thicker, of course). At $49.95 / $59.95 for those two, they’re reasonably affordable options that should work well in your bag. Then, there’s a third one.

For me, the mophie Powerstation Pro AC is the star of this new trio. Why’s that? Well, for one, it’s got the biggest battery of the group (27,000 mAh). Not only that, you’ve got an AC plug on there, so you can run whatever you may need to that the standard USB ports aren’t handling (say, like a laptop or those kids toys that like having their own specific charger). Here’s everything this one has:

  • Charge Four Devices at Once: The powerstation pro has two USB-C ports, a USB-A port, and an AC port, so you can charge up to four devices at once.4
  • 100W AC Output: All that power lets you charge your power-hungry devices, including a laptop.
  • Up to 5 Full Phone Charges: The powerstation pro AC can provide an iPhone with up to five full charges.3
  • Up to 60W USB-C PD Fast Charge: Get up to 50% battery on an iPhone in just 30 minutes.2
  • Contains a 27,000 mAh Internal Battery: The powerstation pro AC has the capacity to meet your day’s demands, including charging your laptop.
  • Premium Aluminum Construction: The high-quality design has an attractive, bead-blasted finish.
  • USB-C to USB-C Cable Included: Everything you need to start charging right out of the box is included.

There’s a lot to like here; you just need to decide if your uses cases are there, because at $199.95, the Pro AC is not an impulse, just-in-case sort of a buy. You want to make sure it’s good to go. I look at it as a sort of stepping stone – more flexibility than your regular battery pack, but not quite stepping up to the size (and cost) of those true power-outage packs that are more like the size of a small cooler. You can check out all three options directly over at

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