New ZAGG gear for your Apple devices

While there has always been a mobile device accessory ecosystem, the products that Apple produce seem to produce more than their fair share of add-ons and things you can use to protect your devices. I’m all about it, as it gives you more choice in colors, textures, and even how bulky you want your protection to be. Recently, ZAGG announced a number of new things, which may be helpful if you just got some new gear at the end of the year.

First up, lanyards. Many devices and cases (I’m thinking specifically of smaller digital cameras) come with a spot for you to hook a lanyard into, which can be quite handy for keeping whatever it is directly at hand. The Gear4 Wrist Lanyard is in three colors (pink, black, or white), and will hook into anything that has that loop.

Next up, you’ve got some straps for your Apple Watch. The Highland Adjustable Watch strap looks to go with an interesting closure. The nylon strap wraps around, and then a hook slips into the loop that best fits your wrist, and you’re off on your day. This looks to definitely be a less-bulky option for a strap, and at $69.99, should hopefully give you a comfortable fit.

Last, but not least, you get some rugged protection for your Airpods, that wouldn’t you know it, work with those lanyards up top. The Apollo Snap 2 slips onto your Airpods charging case, won’t interfere with wireless charging, and also magnetically closes to keep the ‘pods in the case. These are expected to be available in February for $29.99.

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