In Review: mophie powerstation plus

Last week, we talked about a number of different charging options from mophie. But what about when it’s time to head out of the house? Battery packs – particularly when traveling – have become a necessary part of what I pack. What if your battery pack could also have its own cables built in? That’s what the mophie powerstation plus is offering up.

At it’s core, the mophie powerstation plus is a 10,000 mAh battery pack, with just a sole USB-C port at the top, used to charge the pack, or to plug something else in. The hidden trick is that the battery also has built-in cables: a lightning cable, and a USB-C one. Obviously, this is a very Apple-centric product with those cables, but the idea is solid.

When I head out, I’m packing some sort of battery, and then I have to ensure I’ve got the cables I need. If I’m using the battery while I’m out, I’m making sure things stay plugged into the phone, as well as at the battery end. With the mophie powerstation plus, everything is self-contained, and you don’t have to worry about the battery disconnecting from the battery side either.

In other words, the mophie powerstation plus is lovely simplicity. On a recent trip to Florida we had, it was in my bag, and I ended up using it on our flight home to charge my phone up. It’s slightly larger than my iPhone, but having the two stacked together in my pocket so it could charge while I was walking around worked just well. And since the footprints are similar, it should not be too unweildy to hold them if you need to make a call.

For the luxury of this simplicity, you’re looking at $79.95. A bit pricier than what we might expect for a 10,000 mAh battery, but you are getting 20W PD output, as well as never having to worry about misplacing your charging cables. Check it out over at

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