Even in the midst of the pandemic, you can still think about Trekking the World

Perhaps not in the way you may think, but what if you could travel the world – all from the comfort of your own dining room table? That’s what the Kickstarter for Trekking the World is all about.

In reading through the description of the game – as well as the fact that it’s a game about planning your route through the world collecting things and seeing the sites, it calls to mind The Amazing Race. That was a show I enjoyed as a viewer, seeing the challenges and other parts of the world that I’ve not travelled to.

With this, you can take a more involved hand in the game, obviously, as you move your meeple around the globe. The theme seems well-sorted and thought out, and the artwork for it looks simply superb.

If you want to jump in on this campaign, just do so before it closes out on April 7th. Funding is at almost 200% as of this writing, and they’re charging a simple $40 for the game. No tiers, no add-ons, etc – just back it, and get the game when it ships in September. project page

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