Now Funding and in review: The GIGA Pump 2

Today, we’ve got an interesting little gadget that you may think is more of a gimmick than anything – but my experience has shown that the GIGA Pump 2 is actually a pretty useful little pump.

For something that’s palm-sized, you wouldn’t expect this to be able to pump very much up. While it may not be anything approaching quiet, the GIGA Pump 2 does get the job done. Recently, the kids got some inflatable ride-on horses. If I had to do that the normal way (breathing into filler tubes) it would have taken ages. Here, in a few minutes, I had them filled up and the kids were bouncing away.

The GIGA Pump 2 is also positioned for outdoors adventures. For one, you could use it to blow a strong stream of air into a fire to get it blazing. Or, perhaps to fill up your inflatables at the campsite. In my case, I think I’d see it using it more for when we head to a lake with the kids. Plenty of things to inflate for them to play in, and this gets the job done very quickly for those smaller items.

They’ve also positioned the GIGA Pump 2 as being able to deflate things (say, with those vacuum packing bags). For that, you’d remove the lanyard and fix the wider opening (perhaps with one of the adapters) over the bag opening, and away you go, sucking the air out.

So, yeah, I see the GIGA Pump 2 taking up a permanent spot in the back of our van, ready to fill up floaties in a snap, and even shedding light in an emergency (you’ve got three levels of brightness, 40/160/400 lumens). And, with it being charged by USB-C, it would be easy to top off the 1300 mAh battery on the go as well.

I have to say, I was really quite surprised by how much I liked the GIGA Pump 2 once I spent some time with it. Sure, you won’t be pumping up a bike tire or something, but that’s not what it’s intended for. Looking at it as a compact pump for filling up inflatables (and keeping you from getting out of breath), and I’d say many a parent would be happy to get one. It’s funding now on Indiegogo (closing out on December 20) with earlybird pricing starting at $34. campaign page

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