Pablo Escobar’s brother is advertising a $399 foldable phone with ads featuring nearly-naked models

Today in inexplicable new devices we present the Escobar phone, a $399 foldable phone sold by Pablo Escobar’s brother and advertised using scantily-clad models who seem to enjoy putting things on and around their chests.

The Escobar Fold 2, as it’s called, looks very similar to the Samsung Fold and is quite clearly an OEM device that has been rebadged for Escobar. It comes in what can only be described as a “duffel bag designed for paying off a kidnapper’s ransoms” and the entire thing looks awful.

Foldable phones were a big thing at CES this year primarily because the technology trickled down from Samsung into the OEM manufacturers. That said, just because a shanzai manufacturer – literally manufacturers who copy or piece together clones of popular products – can make this thing doesn’t mean you should buy it.

That said, where else on the Internet can you see a bikini-clad woman smash a Samsung Galaxy Fold until it explodes in a puff of smoke and fire?

John Biggs

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