CES 2023: Foldable monstrosity or productivity powerhouse?

Meet the Dual-screen Yoga Book 9i, the first laptop to make me audibly gasp in upon seeing it.


The YogaBook 9i is a unique, foldable laptop that stands out from the crowd with its dual OLED displays and detachable keyboard. While seemingly gimmicky at first, these features allow for some impressive multitasking possibilities, including the ability to stretch an app across both screens in “waterfall mode” and easily move windows between the displays with nothing but the flick of a finger.

The Yoga Book comes with dual Oled displays, a keyboard, and a pen. While at first its lack of obvious touchpad seems like hindrance, it only introduces the Yoga Book’s key feature, its modularity. The Yoga Book can act as a foldable tablet with the ability to tap and navigate using your fingers or stylus, a standalone laptop using its digital touchpad with haptic feedback on the bottom screen, and dual monitor workstation with your own mouse connected, all by just rearranging the touchscreens.


Despite this, the Yoga Book still functions well as a traditional laptop thanks to its on-screen keyboard and touchpad options. Additionally, the physical keyboard can be moved to the top or bottom of the secondary screen, allowing for a full touchpad and virtual mouse buttons on one side, or quick access to Windows widgets on the other.

In terms of performance, the Yoga Book is powered by a new Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM, making it ideal for handling most medium-to-high-end workloads.

Overall, the Yoga Book 9i is a unique and impressive laptop that offers a variety of multitasking options and traditional laptop functionality, all packed into a compact and stylish design. However, with that power comes a steep cost, $2100 to be exact. The Lenovo Yoga Book is launching in June of this year, and only time will tell if it’ll stand up to the hype.

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