Artilect Darkstart Fusion jacket: In Review

Last month, we brought you word of the Artilect Darkstart Fusion (seen here), which seemed like a perfect jacket for all of the spring rain showers we’ve been having here in the midwest. The first time we went hands-on with them (that review is here), it was a hoodie all about cold-weather warmth. The Artilect Darkstart Fusion jacket, on the other hand, is about being a warm (but not too warm) layer that will keep you dry.

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On one hand, there are many details on the Artilect Darkstart Fusion that look like the Supermoon – the stretch panels on the side, the drop hem on the back, and even the fitting of the hood and the contrast chest pocket. So, the good news is if you have a Supermoon and like the fit, you know the exact size to get for the Darkstart. The big difference is in the materials.

Artilect Darkstart Fusion jacket: Materials

The Artilect Darkstart Fusion uses four-way stretch nylon that’s been treated with a permanent DWR that makes the jacket waterproof, but still allows the moisture you may have building up (from being active) to move away from your body and evaporate. To keep you warm, there’s quilted panels with wool insulation in the body and sleeves, ensuring you stay warm even if you get a little damp.


The big question is, of course, how the Artilect Darkstart Fusion performs. In my testing in the rains we’ve been having, it works great. The jacket is waterproof, so you stay plenty dry, and the hood falls forward enough to keep your face dry without it overshadowing it – even on my oversized noggin. In terms of warmth, so long as you plan appropriately, you’ll stay plenty warm.

Actually, I found it was very easy to end up feeling too warm wearing the Artilect Darkstart Fusion. When I came into the house wearing the jacket over a long-sleeve shirt, it was a few minutes before I just had to take the jacket off. On the other hand, there was a drizzly day we went to the park, and I wore the jacket just over a t-shirt, and I was perfectly comfortable. That was on a 45 degree day, so I was pretty pleasantly surprised by how well it did.

Artilect Darkstart Fusion jacket: The Fit

While the nylon does make a little noise when you move, the inner portion of the sleeves is a different material, so it’s not as noisy as whatever waterproof windbreaker you might have had in the past. In terms of fitment, it is a snugger fit (much like the Supermoon), so that’s another consideration. Layering is key, but you you won’t have much more than a shirt – or a t-shirt and another shirt – on under the jacket. Then again, if you’re in the mid- to upper-40s (or above), this jacket will provide plenty of warmth on those rainy days. Want to get one? They’re available in both men’s and women’s styles, and in different colors and sizing, for $300 direct from

Details from Artilect Studio

  • GTT Empel permanent DWR treatment
  • 60gsm Lavalan Sport European Wool insulation on main body & sleeves
  • 2 YKK zippered hand pockets with 100% recycled lining & 1 zippered chest pocket
  • Adjustable hem & hood
  • Center front YKK Touchlink Zipper with LifeKey and Smartphone compatibility
  • Signature ARTILECT trims and details

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