Now Funding: The Nooka Book

For a over two decades, Matthew Waldman’s Nooka defined a certain horological aesthetic. Originally built by Seiko, the Nooka watches were definitive post-dot-com watches made for the digerati of a simpler era. Now Waldman is creating a book, DESIGNING TIME—NOOKA BOOK, that discusses the watch’s lifecycle.

Writes Waldman:

NOOKA is best known for their innovative timepieces that employed passive intelligence to express the ethos of NOOKA—’universal communication’, which guided the creation of products with enhanced functionality and a futuristic philosophy.

The initial timepiece collection was produced under license by Seiko of Japan. Production under the brand name NOOKA inc. began in 2004 when it was launched at the MoMA design stores in NYC and Tokyo. The brand quickly expanded their range of other physical expressions of the NOOKAFESTO creating a MINDSTYLE™ brand with the addition of innovative accessories—a revolutionary belt called the STRIP, sunglasses embraced by celebrities including the late great PRINCE, and a fragrance.

“Our goal is to produce a book that covers the birth of NOOKA—the evolution of the brand and design philosophy, the products and ideas it championed, the audiences we touched, and the impact on the fashion of the 2000s. We believe that the NOOKA message of technoprogressive optimism for the future is still important and we hope to inspire more people to have new ideas and innovation,” he wrote.

The book is crowdfunding now and you can get a copy for $35. They’ve raised about $3,000 so far and the goal is $14,000 so if you want to own a piece of horological history, you’d better get backing.

John Biggs

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