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Being a left handed person, I’ve all but given up on pencils for writing. Sure, a quick mark or whatnot, but if I’m doing any more than that, I reach for my trusty (and quick-drying) gel ink pen. After years of my left hand being covered with graphite, I’ve got zero interest in doing that ever again. Then again, with the Stilform AEON pencil, that’s something that doesn’t have to happen again.

To be sure, the Stilform AEON pencil is not the first “permanent” pencil that has ever shown up. These sorts of pencils rely on a metal tip that seems like it never wears out, but it does leave a small line on the paper, just like graphite does. Here, the metal tip is a tin-bismuth blend that leaves the mark. Where the Stilform AEON pencil separates itself is by its use of magnetic tips that can be swapped out.

That’s right – while the metal tip will get the job done, if you need the feel (and look) of actual graphite, there’a a tip that you can easily swap in by pulling the metal tip off, and slipping the graphite one in. That one, of course, will wear down over time, but you’ll be able to purchase additional tips from Stilform (at a 15% discount for being a backer as well).

So it’s not just metal in your hands, there are two strips of a wooden inlay running on the Stilform AEON pencil, while gives you some of that natural feel that a wooden pencil gives you, as well as giving you two flat surfaces to grip onto (and to keep it from rolling away when you sent it down). Myself, I’ve never considered a permanent pencil of this sort before, but I could easily see picking something like this one up.

The campaign for the Stilform AEON is way over funded, and runs through August 22, 2022. Earlybird pricing starts at $50 for the aluminum body version, and pricing goes up from there for the various metals. Delivery is anticipated for January 2023, so you can start the new year (providing delivery happens, which is always a risk with crowdfunding) with your new pencil. Check things out over at the campaign page.

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