Now Funding: Wyrmwood Game Master Screen

When it comes to higher-end wooden accessories for your tabletop gaming, Wyrmwood has been at the front of the pack. Now that in-person games are becoming more of a reality again, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your screen to something a bit more customizable and durable. Meet the latest version of the Wyrmwood Game Master Screen.

What we like about the Wyrmwood Game Master Screen is just how modular it is. It relies on magnets to stick as many panels together as you need (even slipping in a dice tower if you want), all with magnets. What’s really clever is that there are no exposed hinges, ball bearings, or mounting points. The magnets are buried in the wood, and you can have the look of solid panels.

Across the top of the Wyrmwood Game Master Screen, you can have your initiative tracker, and then on the Game Master side, the sky is the limit. Want to mark up a map? Put it behind an acrylic panel that you can mark with a dry erase marker, or go with the mag panel so you can stick things on with magnets. Need your notes on your tablet? No worries, there’s a panel that will hold your tablet nicely in place. In short, however you want to run your game, there should be a setup there that will do what you need.

For $65, you’ll be with the crowd to customize your screen when things are done. As with most Wyrmwood things, this campaign is way over-funded, and it’s still running until August 14, 2022. For what it’s worth, I’ve a suspicion that the $65 is not all you’re going to be paying for this screen. There’s shipping of course, but I’m suspecting that the options you choose for the panels and whatnot will lift the pricing, so I’d view that $65 is your pre-order deposit. Check things out over at the campaign page.

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