Now Funding: Abacus By Pentaform

The Abacus by Pentaform is a self-contained Windows computer inside a keyboard. Like the amazing Raspberry Pi 400, the device has up to 128GB of storage and runs Windows 10 and Linux.

The coolest thing? It costs $149 and works with any monitor or TV. It even has a trackpad on the side as well as a port for experimentation, similar to Raspberry Pi devices. One of the more interesting aspects of the devices is that you can remove the keyboard and leave the small CPU box near the TV, allowing you to wirelessly connect to your device.

“Infinite Connect allows the keyboard to slide on and off the computer module without the need for WIFI or bluetooth connections, allowing you to sit back on your sofa and use the keyboard without getting caught up in the wires,” the write. “It is based off 2.4 GHz connectivity,  paired right out of the box and always stays connected to your Abacus Basic. The cables stay connected to the PC unit, so you can avoid staring at your cable (mis) management.  When you need to charge the keyboard and trackpad, all you need is a USB power supply and a micro USB cable.”

The device is fully-funded on Kickstarter and will ship in January 2023. At less than $200 you’re looking at a nice little hacking and home entertainment device in a package about as big as a hardback book. Not too shabby.

John Biggs

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