Now funding: Altitude Wallet

Well, to be fair, it was already funded on Kickstarter – but if you missed that campaign (as I did) you’ve got a second chance now over on Indiegogo. So, what is the Altitude Wallet?

I guess even before we get to that, I should get into my history with wallets. I was always trifold guy, and then a billfold, but back pocket. Eventually, I switched to front-pocket carry, and started exploring other options. I had a bunch of leather ones (some semi-custom, like this one from Allegory), and then I hit upon the Ridge Wallet (reviewed here). I’ve tried others, like those from Ekster (seen here) and the minimalist Smallet (reviewed here), but I keep coming back to the Ridge wallet – it just plain works for what I need from a wallet.

The one drawback, if I had to come up with one, is needing to triple-fold bills to fit it into the elastic keeper (I swapped that in for the stock clip mine came with). That’s where a billfold can come in handy. Or, say, you’re hesitant to go through security with a chunk of metal for a wallet (for the record, I’ve had zero issues).

Now, I’ve talked about the wallets from Pioneer before (seen here) but have not yet seen one in person. Still, the combination of technical fabrics, heat-sealing of the seams (to remove stitching and cut down bulk) makes this wallet a very appealing option, whether you carry the wallet in your front or back pocket, or even in a jacket pocket.

That image up above shows you what you get with the Pioneer Altitude. A waterproof ballistic nylon construction that should handle everything you need to carry, either on a daily basis or on your global travels (whenever those resume). And you can even get one with RFID-blocking built in (to protect your credit cards and security badge) albeit just in the carbon black color scheme.

As I mentioned, the Pioneer Altitude was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and now there’s a second round of funding going on over on Indiegogo. You can pick up a billfold for $69 via that campaign. That sounds pricey, but if the wallets last as long as they claim, you could easily use this for years (or decades) so it’s a much more affordable thing over the long term. Check out the details, and order your own, over at

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