Norshire is here to PUMP you UP (tires! pump up your tires.)

Under-inflated tires are a safety problem at worst. At best, they ruin your gas mileage. Neither are great, but stopping at the gas station and paying to use their broken air pump sucks, too. Norshire solves this for you, by making the world’s smallest tire inflator.

How small is it? There are three versions, one without a battery, one with a rechargeable battery built-in, and one that uses a power cable. At 6 inches or 8 inches, they’re basically the size of a flashlight (which you ought to keep in your car, anyway.)

It is the first tire inflator that gets rid of all physical buttons and features a 0.91in, 128*32 resolution OLED display with capacitive touch. My only concern would be, you have to take your gloves off in winter to use a capacitive touchscreen, and winter is a time when you need to check your tires anyway.

Even if you don’t need to inflate your tires, it’s a good tool to have to check tire pressure. A modern car with tire pressure monitoring may alert you to a low pressure, but having a gauge is among my essential glove box devices.

Basically, this thing is genius. Everything is powered by a microprocessor, a cooling fan, magnets and stainless steel gears, housed in an aluminum shell. Crowdfunding prices are set at $50, $70, and $98 for the three versions. Check it out at

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