Now funding: The customizable Kiri Backpack from Banana Backpacks

At Knapsack, we?re committed to bringing you all the sorts of tech and gadgets that we find interesting out there. However, you?ll need some way to carry all that with you, and as Knapsack is literally part of our name, we?ll be bringing you coverage on cool bags that we come across. One of the more recent ones I uncovered is the very customizable Kiri Backpack.

Several years ago, I had been looking for a satchel that was flexible enough for me to use during the week, as well as for some specific purposes over the weekends. At that time, there just wasn?t something that would work easily, sort of having some sort of additional bags inside that were swapped in and out. The Kiri Backpack really looks to address that sort of usage, with a variety of bits and bobs that you can swap in and out.

To start with, the Kiri Backpack is a 17.5L bag (17.5? tall x 10.5? wide x 6? deep) made of a weatherproof Kodra nylon. So, it?s lighter (nylon) and it?ll keep your stuff reasonable protected from the elements. On the outside, you?ve got exterior carry straps (two on each side) to clip stuff onto or buckle something longer into place, as well as a front zippered pocket for storing smaller stuff. That then leaves the main compartment, which is plenty roomy, and then has some odd nubbins poking up.

Those nubbins, it turns out, are the secret sauce of the Kiri Backpack. They?re magnetic snaps that allow you to swap in different components to keep you organized. Going in to the office? Then the ?Pure Grindin?? kit is the one you want. Out to the field for some photography? The ?Miss Lange? has you covered. Just going on a trip away for the weekend? Well, then ?Leavin? the Shire? is what you want – and if you?re hiking, then the ?Watering Can? (for a hydration pack? or ?No Sugar? (a dry bag) may be what the doctor ordered. What?s great about these is how organized it keeps things in the bag – and out of the bag.

See, each of the snap-in kits for the Kiri Backpack can also be carried on their own. This is a solid value-add, and extends the usability of the package as a whole. This also means you could reasonably use the laptop sleeve during the week, pop it out of the weekend for a different one, and the laptop will still be protected in a case. In all, it seems very much a win-win for someone looking to have just a single bag work for them across a variety of uses (or, say, even over a longer multi-purpose trip).

The Kiri Backpack is currently funding on Indiegogo (funding is at 59%) with the project wrapping up on September 18, 2019. Pricing starts at just $100 for a ?build your own bundle?, (which is just the bag itself, and then you add on the kits you want for differing prices) or you can get the bag with all of the swap-in kits for $258. Delivery is anticipated for February 2020, so you can start planning your trips now. Oh, and will this pack be delivered to backers? As always, it?s caveat emptor, but Banana Backpacks has already gotten one bag under their belt, proverbially speaking, and they?ve been testing this one for the last year, so odds seem likely they?ll deliver on their promises. You can check out the campaign right here: Indiegogo

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