Master & Dynamic’s MW07 earbuds are surprisingly good

I like to be surprised. When I first used the Sony WH-1000XM3 I was pleasantly surprised to the point of replacement, deciding that Bose would no longer get my money. Now Master & Dynamic, a higher end audio manufacturer, might be prying the AirPods out of my oddly-shaped skull.

The MW07s are smaller wireless earbuds that feature soft tips and a clever, brushlike plastic insert that keeps the buds in during exercise. The “plus” version I reviewed included a finger-print prone stainless steel charging case with three lights on the front to indicate the charging level. The earbuds are easy to stick in and include multiple sizes for bigger and smaller ears.

Because the MW07s offer good isolation you immediately get better sound than most other wireless buds. Further, the M&Ds are nicely balanced, offering a good bit of bass alongside very sharp treble. They are definitely an upgrade to AirPods and any other exercise-oriented earbuds I’ve tried.

The defining adjective for these earbuds is “clarity.” While separation in the instruments is difficult in a set of buds this size, I found the 10mm drivers offered more than enough pop and crispness when it came to percussion and surprisingly clear guitar and keyboard tones.

A fun song like DJ Spiller’s Groovejet had all the crackle of the original recordings with the wonderful, modern bass. A bit of Fleetwood Mac and the Police offer nice separation and modern music sounded a bit flat but acceptable. The buds also have active noise cancelling and ambient listening mode, two features Sony add to their noise-cancelling cans. You’ll wants something with far more isolation for real noise cancelling, however.

The buds charge up to “1.5 Hours of playtime after 45 minute charge, full charge after 1.5 hours” and last for about three hours on a charge. They also include for separate microphones for making calls.

At $299 these guys are a bit pricey but given they come in multiple styles and colors you can remain fashion forward while listening to your tunes. I’m not going to say these are the best earbuds I’ve heard this year – yet – but they are quite close. A solid effort from a solid maker of quality gear.

John Biggs

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